Hiring a Butler

Finding the perfect butler for your Palm Beach area residence is something we take personally at Crimmins.
I’m Kevin Hall
I’ve been placing highly trained career butlers in Palm Beach area homes for a long time.  At Crimmins, staffing homes is extremely close to the heart. Finding the perfect match is nothing short of personal – on both sides. It requires a unique fit.

Boutique Attention

Large Agency Experience

We’ve seen the way large agencies work. Because we do not operate from giant databases of unknown names, we can be highly selective with the candidates we place, and we know all of our candidates and clients personally. We believe this builds trust and ultimately a perfect match!

I'm David Crimmins

I founded Crimmins Residential Staffing in order to bring a heightened level of caring to the process of household staffing.

It's important to me that your placement only be handled by an experienced, single point of contact, and Kevin understands the specialized needs of staffing homes in the Palm Beach area.

He brings a wealth of experience in high-level service after a 32-year career in Estate Management as a Chief of Staff and Estate Manager (as well as his quick British wit.)

You could not be in better hands - call him today!

Working with Kevin at Crimmins

“Mr. Kevin Hall has always exhibited the highest caliber of professionalism and honesty.

He is also a Burma-Rarity in the profession of Private Service representation as he is a true Butler and understands both the upstairs and down.

Kevin is, quite frankly, the real deal.”

George F. Knopp

Private Service Butler

“I have been in the Estate Staffing field for over 20 years. I have officially and unofficially held every title. Over the years, I have had my fair share of agency representation with clueless recruiters who have no understanding of the industry, and waste your time, until I met Kevin Hall from Crimmins Residential Staffing a few years ago. He understood the industry, as he was a part of it. He knew what candidate and clients would match with not only skill set, but personality as well. What a breath of fresh air to finally work with a true service heart professional! Kevin takes the time to meet and understand the candidates as well as clients, he is an advocate for the candidate, and the voice of expertise and guidance for the client. I have worked with him as a candidate and as a client representative. Both experiences surpassed my expectations, and you would be hard-pressed to find an agent as dedicated as Kevin.”

Stacey Friend

Director of Operations, Anbessa Holdings LLC

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