It’s been a strange winter, hasn’t it? Extreme weather has blurred the lines so much that sometimes it was hard to recognize winter. But in the fields and on the beaches of the Hamptons, a new season is already beginning to assert itself. We are on the brink of change, and I am reminded of these lines from a favorite song:

Beneath the deepest snows
The secret of a rose
Is merely that it knows
You must believe in spring

It will be time soon to un-wrap protective burlap from your plants and shrubs; make decisions about what you will grow in your garden; and assess the readiness of your landscape for summer’s demands.

Meadow Lane Staffing is ready to help you find dedicated professionals whose expertise can bring your trees and flowers to brilliant life and keep them flourishing.

These Hamptons-savvy gardeners, caretakers, and groundskeepers understand the effects of salt sea air upon our unique environment.

They are trained in the use of best irrigation practices and non-toxic methods for cultivating healthy lawns.

They know that local wildlife and insects will have their impact as well, and they are prepared with strategies to maximize the beauty of your property while minimizing damage and disruption.

Let us help you select landscaping staff who understand the seasonal rhythms and demands of Hamptons homes. And let’s start soon, so there is time for you to train and familiarize them with your unique property.

Who can predict the weather anymore? But in the Hamptons, we know what’s ahead, and we cannot wait.

Remember, winter is almost over. And we must believe in spring.

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