Have you had a lovely holiday?

Caught up with family and friends?

Taken some deep breaths and relaxed around the fire?

Great! Time to roll up your sleeves and get busy planning your summer!

Hamptons realtors predict an uptick in home buying and a robust rental season. Either scenario will require staffing, and everyone wants the very best staff. There are only so many truly qualified domestic professionals available on Long Island’s east end. It’s the early birds who will have the opportunity to hire these very special candidates.

Housekeepers, especially those with management and cooking skills, will continue to be in high demand, as will qualified property and house managers, caretakers, and drivers. The best chefs have loyal followings and will be lining up their commitments as early in the year as possible. Whether you want to offer a full-time or seasonal role, best to start thinking about who you would like in your kitchen early in your search.

If it’s seasonal staff you will require, and it seems a bit startling to discuss summer entertaining when there is snow outside your windows, consider this approximate timeline:

You’ll want to start new seasonal staff by mid-late April, to familiarize them with the household for a few weeks before Memorial Day. Make that start date late Feb/early March if you want to build in a safety net in case your first-choice employee doesn’t work out for any reason. Remember that these earliest hires can be immensely helpful in preparing and provisioning your Hamptons home before your arrival —whether for a year-round move-in or a seasonal stay.

The process of searching, interviewing, and vetting your selected candidates can take one month or more from commencing to hiring. With January upon us … no time to dilly dally!

Meadow Lane Private Staffing is ready with top-flight candidates to match your specific needs. Please get in touch and let’s find great people to help you create your happiest Hamptons household ever in 2024.

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