As the world tilts in ever-new directions, it can be hard to predict what will matter, what will become important in our lives in 2023. In January, we‘re given an opportunity to make our best guesses and join in a collective re-set.

We have already been advised that:

· Plants are the new pets.

· Sitting is the new smoking.

· Thursday is the new Friday.

· Lunch is the new dinner.

We may take each of these with a grain of salt, but there’s something to be said for keeping abreast of trends in lifestyles, and assigning new priorities if they seem to fit.

But if January offers a little portal into possibility, it may be fleeting. Did you know that Jan 13th was National Quitters Day – when many well-intentioned people ditch their resolutions?

So… how can we sustain that New Year/New You feeling?

Some people are swapping the notion of resolutions for something broader, more inspirational than task-oriented: they are choosing a theme for 2023. This can be a word or phrase or even an image that expresses how they would like to frame their overall behavior. Their theme can become a North Star for making decisions that align with the value or feeling they most want to guide them through all aspects of their life.

I will share my word for 2023: FRESH. Fresh for me conjures all things good – fresh air, fresh food, fresh flowers. But like many of the best theme words, mine is multi-layered. My intention is to look at my work as a Private Staff Recruiter with fresh eyes – to nurture my Meadow Lane Staffing relationships with a fresh spin on ways to make meaningful connections and successful placements. I want a fresh look at the trends in staffing, especially in our very special world here in the Hamptons.

Fresh can also mean inventive, new, and bold. Growing up, being “fresh” to my parents was a no-no. But sometimes it meant challenging old ideas, and finding the courage to express my readiness to make my own good decisions. So I plan to incorporate that bit of “freshness” in my business relationships – having the boldness to allow for fearless honesty with candidates to help them understand what might be holding them back from achieving their goals; and the boldness and confidence to provide strong, candid guidance to clients when steering them toward selecting the staff that will best fit their needs and their personalities.

Selecting a theme for your 2023 may spark a small but profound shift in thinking that could sweeten and deepen your own relationships and help you to navigate our unpredictable but beautiful world.

Wishing you all a FRESH and Happy New Year!

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