Every year in Southampton we would sense it coming…we felt a shift in the energy…and we woke up to Tumbleweed Tuesday.

The day after Labor Day marked the traditional end of the summer season. A mass exodus of “Summer People” would have funneled west onto Rt 27, leaving Meadow Lane eerily quiet. The shops on Job’s Lane would start offering sales. Unattainable restaurant reservations would suddenly be available.

Some things have changed. For years now, the Hamptons season has been extending into September and beyond; and the pandemic transformed many seasonal visitors into year-rounders.  But the sense of an ending – and a beginning – is still palpable on Tumbleweed Tuesday.
Do you feel it, too?  For me, it’s time to take a breath, reflect and redirect. Where did the time go?  What’s next?

It’s also a good time to consider if you were happy with your Hamptons staff this season.  If not, now is a good time to begin making changes, since there is greater mobility among our candidates. Summer staff become available for other seasonal and year-round opportunities, and the hiring market is less competitive than it will be early in the new year.

Here’s hoping you enjoy that September feeling, full of possibilities. And please let us know if we can help!

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